May 27, 2011

Number of MPs with physical disabilities doubles in the 41st Parliament

By Janet Rodriguez

The second in a series on the new crop of MPs, here Samara volunteer Janet Rodriguez puts the spotlight on newly elected MP Manon Perreault.


On May 2nd, Manon Perreault, NDP candidate for the riding of Montcalm, faced the second biggest challenge in her life—and she cleared it with 53% of the vote. Ms. Perreault declared that it is a privilege to represent her riding of Montcalm and that she is humbled by the unexpected, but welcome victory.

Of course her biggest challenge was when she lost the use of her legs after an equestrian accident. But she didn’t let this bring her down; she plunged into meaningful projects with organizations such as the Association féminine d’éducation et d’action sociale, and became a counselor in the municipality of Sainte-Marie-Salomé, Québec.

On May 2nd, Ms. Perreault became the second MP with a visible physical disability to be elected to the House of Commons. She will be serving with her colleague across the floor, Steven Fletcher, who was the first--and until the recent election, only--MP to be elected with a visible physical disability.


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giay nam dep

March 5, 2012 14:08 PM

"Mr. Speaker, I would like to ask my NDP colleagues why they have begun to mimic one of the most unpleasant traits of the Conservatives, which is to fail to respond to objections to their party’s proposals.

It is my duty pursuant to Standing Order 38 to inform the House that the questions to be raised tonight at the time of adjournment are as follows: the hon. member for Winnipeg North, aboriginal affairs; the hon. member for Montcalm, persons with disabilities; and the hon. member for Brome—Mi
I am glad he brought up the amount of $40 million, as I think I heard, because that is still what is missing as a result of the sponsorship scandal of a government he was a member of at the time. I am not going to take lessons from him."

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